Join a legal Tweetup!


Follow this link to an article that explains what a Tweetup is and how lawyers are using them to build their online social networking profiles. Fascinating…..


Design and market the services your clients want

Seth Godin’s book about ‘remarkable marketing’ concludes that the days of selling ‘what you’ve got’ are dead. Instead, marketing and design should be inextricably interwined from the start so that we create products that are so good, people tell each other about them. This is good advice!

Mary Portas echoes this sentiment in her current Channel 4 TV series in which she slates the sofa salesmen who flog oversized sofas to bewildered customers. They want the largest commissions and often don’t care about the consumer. Instead, she encourages her proteges to create environments which play to the consumer’s wants and needs. In return, the consuemr will tell their friends about this great place to buy sofas and the power of endorsement marketing is harnessed.

Lawyers could easily do this, because they talk with their clients all the time so they know what problems they need solving.  Come up with a great marketing campaign for a product that solves one of those problems and then design the product. Invariably, lawyers hand over the marketing of their products and services to third parties or in house marketing managers. Big mistake! It is absolutely vital to remain involved throughout the process. Remain passionate about your clients, your products and services (not your brand) and good things will happen.

I would definitely recommend Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow, and if you happen to be in Orange County on the 2nd March you could hear him speak.