How lawyers can get “a whole lot more business”

Larry Bodine joined my list and downloaded my Pain Free Marketing Report for Lawyers and so I returned the compliment and visited his site to discover that he was a former Communications Director with Sidley Austin, one of the World’s Largest Law Firms (American of course) which enjoys an annual turnover in excess of a billion dollars. So, I thought he had to be a marketer worth listening to!  Here is the video in which Larry makes it really clear how lawyers can ‘get a whole lot more business‘.


Join a legal Tweetup!


Follow this link to an article that explains what a Tweetup is and how lawyers are using them to build their online social networking profiles. Fascinating…..

Are you having a laugh? Tips on Introducing Yourself

While surfing for useful articles on networking I came across this list of tips for those who need some help with the basic art of introducing themselves…. my favourite has to be tip number 7  which helpfully reminds the reader to “Try and avoid insulting or embarrassing the person you are meeting”. I wondered where I had been going wrong!   Tips on Introducing Yourself | How to Introduce Yourself.

Working the Room, a business networking technique to generate more leads

Working the Room, a business networking technique to generate more leads. A colleague of mine used these techniques expounded by networking guru, Will Kintish.  He said he felt inspired to put them to use.  This was high praise given that the colleague in question has been networking for 40 years! Warm regards, Carolyn.