Are your services being upstaged by your brand?

It is natural for law firms to give their brand top billing in their marketing materials but it’s turning off droves of potential clients.

Law firms often feature their brand at the centre of their marketing materials because it is the one thing that brings all the partners and their teams together.

However, clients don’t buy brands they buy solutions to their problems. Certainly they need to see the brand but they don’t ‘buy’ the brand. Instead, they buy services that solve their problems and if you want to engage them and capture their attention you need to start talking about those services, in fact, you need to shout about them.

If you are not putting your services centre stage it’s little wonder that prospective clients look at your marketing materials and glaze over because all they see is soundbites and pictures of team members and endorsements from happy clients. Don’t misunderstand me, all these things have a role to play but it’s a supporting role not the main event.

Employment Lawyers are looking for clients that want ‘a Toolkit for managing redundancies from start to finish’ or ‘a set of contracts and policies to ensure legal compliance’ or ‘a complete HR management package’ so give those services top billing and demote the sound bites about quality and relationships to the supporting cast.

If you don’t believe me just take a few minutes to analyse your own buying behaviour. For instance, how do you go about buying a holiday? The likelihood is that like millions of other people you search Google for holidays to your preferred destination. In other words your primary interest is in the product not ‘quality travel agents’! Certainly you will carry out due diligence before buying, but it isn’t the first thing on your mind and the same goes for your clients.


Does anyone need an ‘auction’ lawyer?

Now I’m not advocating that you become a devotee of Chuck’s third wave sect for home office lawyers (whacky indeed!) but his point about niche marketing is well made and could inspire you to find your niche practice.

Lawyers finding their niche

Fancy becoming a wine law expert? Here is an inspiring article demonstrating how lawyers can turn a hobby into a niche market. Becoming an expert in a niche area is gold dust for your PR agent. Law Times – Lawyers finding their niche. – How Can Law Firms Help Their Lawyers With Marketing? – How Can Law Firms Help Their Lawyers With Marketing?.

Niche marketing works wonders for your response rates

Have you tried sending out direct mail letters in the past and experienced the average response of 0.5% to 1% for your efforts? What if you knew how to get over 10% response? My latest campaign achieved an amazing 18% response because it tapped into a niche market and here’s how it works.

Choose a specific type of business (niche market) and think about the industry, remember previous conversations with clients in that industry and put yourself in their shoes. Let’s take restaurants as an example:

When I recall past conversations with restaurant owners like Richard I remember him wringing his hands over recurring issues.

Part time staff are key to business continuity but their rotas, training and poor timekeeping keep these employers up at night. They deal daily with conduct issues from high jinks with kitchen knives through to poor customer service, bullying and harassment. The list is almost endless and leaves restaurant owners with a throbbing headache.

If Richard could wave a magic wand he would wish for a smooth running restaurant rota with well qualified staff that attend on time and do a great job without costing him a small fortune.

So imagine how he feels when your generic marketing hits his doormat talking about The Equality Bill? It goes from letter box to waste bin in 30 seconds flat because it doesn’t hit his hot buttons.

You know where I’m heading with this one ….  Try grabbing his attention with attractive offers that make his life easier and talk his language.

Consider putting a headline on your letter to press one of his hot buttons such as: “Finally, A Cure For Restaurant Rota Nightmares” and you will get far more exciting results.

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