Are lawyers wasting their time on social media sites?

The answer to that question may be found in this free guide from Hubspot …..

The following is an extract from their website:

“Free Ebook: How to Leverage Social Media for Public Relations Success

Without a doubt, the web and social media are making it easier for businesses to communicate with their public.

As a result, social media and inbound marketing strategies and tools are making it easier for PR professionals to connect and build relationships with influencers, generate media coverage, and communicate their messages to customers, prospects and other valued constituents.
Download the 28-page ebook to learn more about how you can infuse social media into your PR efforts for maximum results. Topics include:

*How to connect & build relationships with the media, bloggers and influencers
*How to create an effective news release, social media newsroom, and company blog
*The importance of social media monitoring and participation
* How to use social media to facilitate customer and employee relations and improve brand sentiment
* How to measure the ROI of public relations


Getting your articles to the top of Google

Note that since this article was originally posted, Adrian Lursson who knows more about J.D. Supra than I do posted a helpful correction in the comments section below so it’s well worth reading his comments first. If you use LinkedIn or search Google for law related articles you may already have come across J.D. Supra and wondered who this seemingly omnipresent super-author is. It turns out that J.D. Supra is a news and editorial syndication application allowing lawyers to post their documents for publication on the web. The system submits the work to Google and is registered very promptly but it takes a bit of trial and error to get your work returned for popular searches on Google.  However,  if you think about it before writing the article you can ensure that you use the right phrases, by which I mean the phrases that your target audience are actually searching for.

Employment lawyers usually want employers to read their articles so taking that example, it’s unlikely that employers are going to subscribe to feeds from JD Supra or visit the website because it is predominantly for legal specialists so you rely on them finding your work via the search facility on Google when they search for help with a problem. It would help, therefore, to include the words and phrases that employers will search for.

Your next question is, of course, “How do I find out what employers are searching for?”  Well, you could start by searching Google with phrases you think your audience may use. Google’s new ‘Suggest’ feature automatically shows you what the most popular searches are as you type. Just keep changing the words around and experimenting to find inspiration from Google’s ever changing list of suggestions. The list is based on the most popular searches and is rated by many experts as more reliable than Google’s keyword tool.

Ten myths about marketing legal services

Specifically written for lawyers this article by Bruce W Marcus hits the nail on the head. He also explains the reasoning behind his arguments which is comforting for us lawyers!  Ten Myths That Impede Marketing Success | | MBA Network of IIMs, ISB, Bajaj, XLRI, FMS, SPJAIN. He is releasing a new book which may be well worth reading. [Bruce W. Marcus is a Connecticut-based lawyer in marketing and strategic planning for professional firms, the author of Competing For Clients, and the forthcoming The New Professional Firm: Competing For Clients In The 21st Century.]

Lawyers finding their niche

Fancy becoming a wine law expert? Here is an inspiring article demonstrating how lawyers can turn a hobby into a niche market. Becoming an expert in a niche area is gold dust for your PR agent. Law Times – Lawyers finding their niche.

» Lawyers marketing with apps 

» Lawyers marketing with apps . How long before your firm uses mobile apps to reach clients?

5 things you need to do to become the media’s favourite legal expert

How many times have you chosen one brand over another simply because it is more familiar to you? That brand was better than its competitor at being visible across a variety of communication channels and as a result it won your custom. Your  law practice can benefit from this strategy too and it doesn’t require a big marketing budget.

In fact, there are many cost efficient ways to raise your profile. Some are even free! Low cost options include Public Relations. Good PR takes a ‘news’ angle and is aimed at informing the audience on a topic of interest. Of course, the benefit to you is that you are presented as the expert on the subject you talk or write about.

It isn’t necessary to employ a PR agency for this type of work because editors are crying out for experts that can help fill their programmes, websites and newspages with interviews and stories that entertain their audiences.

Here’s how to go about it:

1. Identify channels that attract the audience you want to reach.

2. Select a topical legal development that will be of interest to that audience.

3. Write a brief summary of the approach you would take on the subject. Keep it upbeat and entertaining and email the editor explaining that you would include practical tips.

4. Be imaginative and suggest ways in which you could provide regular contributions. For example, a monthly column in a newspaper or a quarterly update on the radio are obvious ones. An effective way to get your foot in the door is by offering to do a one off news review on a morning radio show or a commentary on a high profile news story for a magazine or local newspaper.

5. If you don’t hear from them, follow up with a personal phone call. Take the opportunity to build the relationship. Keep it light and develop a rapport. Ask for audience demographics. They need to know that you are interested in helping them rather than just promoting yourself.

I guarantee that if you follow these steps you will get valuable PR slots in the media.


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