Is your law firm ‘blah blah beige’ or ‘problem-solving purple?

Law firms find it difficult to differentiate themselves from their competition and often resort to statements about the length of time they have been established, or the quality services they deliver while some use obscure soundbites such as “We won’t tell you how to run your business” (Thank goodness for that!)

In all these cases the marketeers who write these words have entirely missed the point.  Not only could all your competitors write the same words but they could have been written by any service provider from any service industry.

Whatever graphics you use in your brochures, however slick your photos, however much colour you splash around your site, if your words are ‘beige’ you will fail to attract attention. 

So, it’s time to start using your common sense when you market your law practice. If in doubt, ask yourself or friends, colleagues, suppliers or anyone who will be honest with you:   “Do these words make me want to pick up the phone and call the law firm?” If the answer is “No” then bin it and start again.

Here are the 3 vital steps to differentiating your practice from the competition:

  1. Create a specialist niche ~ focus in on an area you are passionate about and use your experience and understanding of this market to ‘connect’ with your audience.
  2. Advertise the benefits of using your services, tell your audience about the painful problems that you can solve for them.
  3. Promote your expertise online. You could set up a blog, start Tweeting or get LinkedIn. It doesn’t matter which social network you use but you definitely need to get out there and stake a claim to your area of expertise before your competitor does.